Our Team

We’ve been friends and business partners for most of the past decade. We’ve learned so much during that time, but mostly that we’re not for everyone. Lord are we not for everyone! :-D But if you’re here, we think you’ll know right away if we’re for you. 

Rural Kind Co grew out of a deep desire to see a reflection of rural creatives, entrepreneurs, and trailblazers in the media we consume. A reflection of ourselves, and of you.

We’re believers in big dreams and small towns, and more than anything in the stories of the people who choose to call rural America home, that choose to forge their paths in the very spaces that others overlook. 


We’ve found ourselves here, and we hope that you will too. 


Kelly and Brook

Kelly Bay >>

Strategic Planning + Mindset Coach for Rural Entrepreneurs

<< Brook Hayenga

Brand Photographer, Creative Journeymen + Visionary