My name is Kelly Bay and I am an accidental entrepreneur. I never intended to start my own business, but I have had so damn much fun building this little dream over the past ten years.

I've also made mistakes. About a million of them. And struggled to put together resources and a solid support network and all too often let the fearful voice in my head hold me back from reaching my true potential.

I created Rise business coaching to help you avoid those mistakes, break through fear, and design a simple yet powerful plan of action to march forward. With the highest regard for trust and confidentiality, together we'll take inventory of your current circumstances, rewrite the inner dialogue that holds you back and define what success truly looks like for you. 

Whether you are just at the start of your small business dream, wondering how in the world you are going to bring it to life, or decades into entrepreneurship and wanting to break through your current plateau, Rise is for you. 


One on One Coaching Session: $600

It’s all about you. In this eight week session we’ll have four face to face meetings, via zoom or in person, weekly check-ins and the confidentiality and trust of a personal coaching relationship.


Small Group Coaching (2-3 people) $500/person

Bring a friend, get a discount. Participants don’t have to be in the same profession, or even the same city for that matter. Much like one on one coaching, you’ll enjoy four face to face meetings via zoom or in person, weekly check-ins, and the opportunity to bounce ideas off of each other during this eight week process.