"You are What You Eat" - They are What You Live

In this day and age, we have a lot to worry about. Our lives are filled with schedules to keep, quotas to meet, and personal guilt trips to defeat.

We not only have our own internal battles to fight, but we also have this oddly evolving world that we are trying to navigate with grace and honesty…seemingly walking on eggshells just trying not to be sued. It’s nuts.

We are nearly always on the defense before even given the chance to play offense.

I have personally found that being a mother during this time of “purging reality” is rather difficult. I only want the best for my children and am trying to provide them with a safe, educated, morally and ethically sound upbringing while fending off the evil and negativity that so freely floats around us. It’s nerve-wracking.

When we say that “this isn’t the world I was raised in” we mean it. We have been through enough decades and historical education to understand that what is morphing in front of us is sometimes completely disgraceful. It leaves us with pause, thinking “What can I do to make sure my children are not messed up by this mess?”

I think of my personal trainer and how I recently came to her saying “I just can’t lose the weight! I know it’s mindset and my workouts are all getting done, but then I self-sabotage with sugar and unhealthy crap and am back to square one.”

Do you know what she said in reply? “You can do this. YOU are in control. Control it.”

So, wait…you’re telling me that what I am putting in my body is my choice? What I consume affects me daily? That I hold the reins to this hot mess express? I don’t have anyone else to blame for my derailment and attitude?


As a society we are always looking for someone or something to blame. For the next quick fix or for someone else to take the reins and clean up our mess. We are looking for the figurativ