Today is the Day...

Iesha’s Affirmations

Today is the day I stop blaming myself for not getting to it all…some of this can wait.

Today is the day I stop giving myself an unmanageable deadline…rushing is for the birds.

Today is the day that I quickly hush every negative thought with a positive one…positivity is more fun anyways.

Today is the day I let go of perfection and realize I am exactly as God intended…perfectly imperfect.

Today is the day I sit with myself in silence and breathe it all in…a pause to perceive is a sanity staple.

Today is the day I squash the negativity with a quick dose of reality…it could always be worse.

Today is the day I view the world like the playground it is…it’s more “good” than “bad” when you really look at it.

Today is the day I don’t let precious moments slip-by by worrying about things beyond my control…worrying has never helped anything.

Today is the day I stop carrying excess baggage of doubt, fear, overly-analytical criticism and instead just live a little, now not later…casting my burdens fully unto Him is literally what He requests for me to do.

Today is the day I say “No” to things that don’t fill my cup, that don’t bring me joy and don’t help my family, friends or my own life…life is too short to waist it doing things you don’t need or want to do.

Today is the day I do something for others and pay it forward whenever possible…giving is so much better than receiving.

Today is the day that I look at the bigger picture and see my purpose clearly, through the day-to-day chaos and schedule-hopping…remembering our why and seeing clearly what God can do through you is immense.

Today is the day I stop harboring or hiding emotions that I feel are a waste of time or that am too tough to bear…we need to feel before we can heal.

Today is the day that I stop trying to fix every broken piece of me and let God use my cracks and dents to be a vessel for His message…broken things/people are beautiful too.

Today is the day that I quit assuming anything…half of the time I’m wrong anyways.

Today is the day that I stop beating myself up for every little thing I do wrong as a mother, wife, businesswoman, and child of God…mistakes are meant to be learned from and used to catapult you into betterment.

Today is the day I let patience and grace flow from me freely and without restraint…life is too short to be tense, hurried and apathetic towards this gift of life and everyone God places in it.

Today is the day that I actually see people and hear them when they speak to me…every person is placed in your life for a divine reason that we may never fully understand, but every person matters.

Today is the day that I realize that self-care is a necessity to getting it all done and required in order to be the best mom, wife, employee, business owner, and child of God that I possibly can be…how on earth can I help others if I am not helping myself with proper rest, health and happiness?

Today is the day that I lean into my strengths and stop thinking that they are not enough…I am enough because He has already deemed me worthy.

Today is the day that I lead by example how a life should be well lived…I don’t have to watch it on TV or mimic a magazine ad to show my children what is most important in life.

Today is the day that I put my faith first and realize it is my entire purpose on this beautiful earth…my children and my God depend on me.

Today is the day that I greet others with a smile and let them know how much they mean to me…life it too short to not tell others how you truly feel.

Today is the day I allow myself to look at things in a different light, how God intended...childlike wonder is a truly amazing and moving thing.

Today is the day that I feed my body like the temple that it is…health is important for mind, body and soul.

Today is the day that I love…why waste life doing anything but that?

Today is the day that I live with no inhibitions and no disregard for the beauty that surrounds me and lies within me…I live in a masterpiece and am a masterpiece to Him.

Today is the day I think of what was given to me during this Holy Week so many years ago, a love that I can’t begin to fathom and a gift of eternal life that we don't deserve yet was freely given for us all…the Lord makes us new and gives us grace abounding, let my life be worthy of the life Jesus gave for me.

About the Author

Iesha Toft is a mother, wife, singer, writer and passionate child of God. She loves Jesus and strives to live life to the fullest in her faith, family, connections and words. You can find her spending time outside enjoying God's beautiful landscapes with her family, touring with her band She's With Us, and trying to put it all into words with feeling, love, and passion.

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