The Ultimate Guide to Creating Work/ Life Balance!

Just kidding, we don't actually believe that work life balance exists.

So, my apologies for the click bait, but we're still glad you are here! One of the biggest questions we get asked by rural entrepreneurs is how to do it all- family, work, friendships, community engagements. And after over a decade as an entrepreneur I can confidently tell you that you simply can't. And I firmly believe that we shouldn't even be trying.

The important question is: How do we NOT do it all?

For real, not doing it all is the new cool. I promise. Here are my top three favorite ways to not doing it all.

1. Outsource.

Particularly in areas that aren't your strong suits. Social media anyone?! It's such an important part of small business marketing that after your business is established it's counter productive to manage it yourself. Unless your business specializes in social media marketing.

Outsourcing photography is another easy, inexpensive way to improve your marketing while saving time. We're blessed to have Brook on staff, but prior to RKCo I routinely hired a photographer for our team and product photos. We still utilize stock photographery from Unsplash and Pexels to supplement our marketing.

Outsourcing is also incredibly effective in your personal life. During a particularly crazy time period this past year, I purchased freezer meals for our family from a local cafe. Iesha and I have decided that with young kids, we need a cleaning service. Not even a good cleaning service, just one that will do a better job than we do, ha!

It's important to remember that outsourcing doesn't have to cost a thing. Sometimes it's as simple as asking a family member to help transport your kiddos one day a week, or trading this task with a friend in the same activities. Taking these items off of your to-do list buys you just a little bit of sanity!

2. Streamline Your Business

Spoiler alert: this can be a painful process. Start by looking at all aspects of your business and identify which areas are taking up most of your time and energy. Now identify which aspects of your business are the most profitable. This point is where we often realize that the most draining areas of our business are also the least profitable and it's time to make big adjustments.

Can you change how these areas function? For example, can sales calls be made virtu