Happiness in the Inbetween

Is it possible to find happiness in the inbetween? Author Kelly Bay leads you through three inspired steps to choosing happiness, no matter where you stand, at Reframe on November 7th, The Barn at Okoboji.

It was this gorgeous fall day. And I found myself sitting in my vehicle looking out the window at the changing trees, the stunning blue sky.

“You have to be happy now.”

It was the second time in as many days that I’d had this insight. The problem was that I didn’t feel like being happy.

The cumulation of the past eight months felt like an emotional assault.

Professionally, I was starting over after 10 years as a “successful” entrepreneur. While I adored the team and the challenge of a new position, it often felt so far out of my wheelhouse that I could hardly keep my feet on the ground, let alone find traction.

Financially, COVID had forced me to close my business at the end of March, notoriously the lowest profit and highest debt quarter of every year. The stress of working 60 hour weeks just to keep up with minimum payments and our family’s needs was exhausting.

And personally, one of my dearest friends had just received a devastating health diagnosis.

I sat on the bedroom floor that morning, heaving sobbing ugly cries, finally allowing myself to grieve.

How could I find happiness now?

The answer slowly revealed itself over the next couple of days.

I had to release the past, still littered with all of my perceived failures.

I had to find faith in the future, or at the very minimum stop painting it with anxiety and fear.

I had to give up the behaviors that were keeping me from being fully in the present moment, no matter how difficult those moments seemed.

And ultimately I realized that happiness is a choice that is always available to me. It’s not always an easy choice, it’s not even always the right choice, but it’s always there. Even in the hard, uncharted spaces of the inbetween.

Kelly facilitates Reframe's first workshop of the day. She'll share this story, and many other impactful moments to lead you through the growth of releasing the past, finding faith in the future, and embracing the present. Attendance is limited to just 25 participants, click below for the full schedule of events and to purchase your tickets today!


Kelly Bay is a speaker, writer, and serial entreprenuer. She is the author of Beer and Junk, Adventrures in Parenting. a collection of essays chronicling the early years of becoming a mom with humor, vulnerability and brutal honesty.

In her spare time, Bay enjoys arguing with her husband about politics, listening to true crime podcasts, not cleaning her house, and showing unwilling participants photos of her two dogs. 

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