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If you've been following along on our Facebook page and our group, The Rural Kind, you know we've been been focusing on the silver linings of social distancing. One of the big ones? More time! To take advantage of that, in the upcoming weeks we'll be sharing the books, music, brands, and activities we love with you.

We've also noticed that maybe we've been so busy planning She Is, Women's Conferences that we maybe haven't done the best job of letting you know who we are. Obviously, when you have to use that many "maybes" in a sentence its not a maybe, it's a definetely.

So in the words of The Rolling Stones, "Please allow me to introduce myself..."

Or in this case, please allow me to introduce my dear friend and business partner, Brook. Brook is the insane talent behind our visual brand, photography, staging, and videography. In her words:

"These are the books I’m reading now and probably always will be reading.  They are all books I’ve read several times, except the first one, that’s new to my favorites. "

The List

“Some links may be affiliate links. We may get paid if you buy something or take an action after clicking one of these.”

1.  The 4 Disciplines of Execution, by Chris McChesney, Shawn Covey & Jim Huling. 

Why:  “Improving our ability to multitask actually hampers our ability to think deeply and creatively… the more you multitask…the less deliberative you become; the less you’re able to think and reason out a problem,” says Jordan Grafman of the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke in the USA.  

I was feeling that statement on every level and this book was/is an answer for me.  

It was a breath of fresh air to read that the fundamental principle at work in discipline is that human beings are genetically hardwired to do one thing at a time with excellence.  All I can say is thank you Jesus, because this is all I’m longing for. I seriously hate multitasking. 

2.  The Me I Want to Be, by John Ortberg 

Why:  It’s just surprisingly good. 

I cannot be anything I want. I don’t get to create myself, I’m already created. It’s my life’s  journey to allow myself to be me and learn to flourish. 

3.  If You Will Ask, by Oswald Chambers

Why:  it’s an awesome book about prayer.

4.  Eat Fast Feast, by Jay W. Richards

Why:  it feels good to take care of my body and have spiritual nourishment at the same time.

5.  The Bible, by the Holy Spirit 

Why:  because it’s truth.

Brook Hayenga is a creative journeyman, visual artist, and brand photographer. She's a wife to Travis and mom to three grown daughters and a step-son. Brook is an introvert who considers her cat, Suni, and her vacuum, who surprisingly does not have a name, close friends. You can find Brook lurking with her camera at She Is, Women's Conferences, and advocating for elder care at www.lakesideseniorcare.com.

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