RKCo Business Coaching​

Facilitator: Kelly Bay


You're a small business owner. You need to know how to get from here to there. And quite honestly, you're feeling stuck. Maybe you're not even sure where "there" is anymore. Caoching facilitator Kelly Bay works with clients to take inventory of their current situation, define where they want to go, develop the mindset needed to get there, and establish simple, yet powerful steps to pave the way.

This six week course includes six face to face meetings, along with weekly assignments and feedback to move you through the process.

{six weeks: $600}

Kelly Bay is a writer, speaker, and accidental entrepreneur. She started her first business, Five Store + Spa, in 2009 out of absolute necessity after the birth of her oldest son found her standing in front of her husband screaming, “We are going to buy a mini van and move back to Emmetsburg!” They left the city within a month and never looked back.

Kelly loves to speak and write about overcoming obstacles, finding true success {which rarely looks like you think it will}, mindfulness, entrepreneurship and choosing the rural life.

Bay is especially passionate about supporting small business in rural communities.