Kelly Bay is a writer, speaker, and accidental entrepreneur. She started her first business, Five Store + Spa, in 2009 out of absolute necessity after the birth of her oldest son found her standing in front of her husband screaming, “We are going to buy a mini van and move back to Emmetsburg!” They left the city within a month and never looked back.

Kelly loves to speak and write about overcoming obstacles, finding true success {which rarely looks like you think it will}, mindfulness, entrepreneurship and choosing the rural life.

Bay is especially passionate about supporting small business in rural communities. She developed Rise, a three week course designed to help potential entrepreneurs get their small business dream off of the ground, and The Rural Retail Series to show communities simple yet powerful changes they can make to improve the health of their retail and service industry.



Pursuing a small business dream takes equal parts vulnerability and grit, quiet self-reflection and bold declarations. And a ton of resources. And a killer tribe. If you are ready to take the first step towards living your dream, this three week interactive course is the perfect opportunity.


Rise is a small group course that relies heavily on peer learning and building a network that will both challenge and support you along the way. With the highest regard for trust and confidentiality, together we'll take inventory of our current circumstances, rewrite the inner dialogue that holds us back and put together a simple yet powerful plan for action. 


The Rural Retail Series:


Embracing Competition:

Rural Small business owners in particular need to embrace competition, turn the focus inward and build upon unique strengths to make themselves immune to perceived threats of competition. This course includes personal examples of how competition made Five stronger, as well as a healthy dose of "quit whining and get back to work." We'll also discuss competition on the level of "that's my job" and why it's everyone's responsibility to contribute to the growth of our local businesses. 


Stop Screaming "Shop Local":


Stop Screaming is based upon the best advice Bay ever received as a business owner, "Small businesses can't just 'expect' their communities to shop local. It is our responsibility to give our communities a reason to want to shop local." In this workshop, we'll ask the hard questions: where are we failing as a business owners, how can we be better?  We explore different ways to improve our marketing, customer service, services and inventory to become a business that our communities can't wait to support. 


Local is the New Black:


How can small businesses and communities capitalize on the unique attributes of their region? Local is the new black includes taking inventory of natural resources, heritage, traditions, culture and art. Again, using examples from my own experience of developing a unique retail selection highlighting local and regional festivals and natural resources, as well as incorporating the work of local artists and makers into our inventory.



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