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Kelly Bay


Kelly Bay is a writer, speaker business coach, and small business owner. She started her company, Five Store + Spa, nearly 10 years ago as a solo massage therapist and built it into an eight member team providing full service massage therapy and unique, locally sourced retail items.

Along the way, Kelly experienced every bit of fear, defeat, self-doubt, and debt that answers the equation: really big dream + no idea what the hell you are doing = X?

But she’s also fallen completely in love with small business and the process of building a dream. She loves to speak, write and teach about overcoming obstacles, finding true success {which rarely looks like you think it will}, mindfulness, and work/life balance.

J/K work life balance is a joke, but she loves to talk about it anyway.


Kelly is the creator and facilitator of Rise: Creating Your Small Business Dream, and the author of Beer and Junk, Adventures in ParentingShe resides in Emmetsburg, Iowa with her husband and three kids.


In her spare time, Kelly enjoys not cleaning her house and showing unwilling participants photos of her two dogs.


Katy Thomsen


Katy Thomsen is the owner of KT Consulting. She a trainer, speaker and coach who delivers classes, content and consulting for small and large organizations throughout the midwest. 


Prior to becoming a consultant, Katy worked for corporations such as Yellowbook, Werner Electric Supply, and Van Meter Inc,. She specialized in developing training strategies, providing leadership and guidance, streamlining sales processes and inspiring her team members to reach their fullest personal and professional potential along the way.


Katy and her husband Ben are enthusiastic alumnis of Wartburg College in Waverly IA and passionate community builders in their adopted hometown of Emmetsburg, Iowa. Along with their two boys, they love lake life, the outdoors, sports, dogs, teaching, and coaching. Katy is a zealous list maker and question master. In her spare time, she has been known to stealthily reorganize her collegues' workspaces.