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Rural Kind Company, Iowa

At Rural Kind Co, our mission is to create a space that allows women to see their true potential, both personally & professionally, through meaningful conversations, authentic connection & in depth coaching and training.

Our company consists of Kelly Bay, Katy Thomsen, Brook Hayenga and Iesha Toft. The four of us have worked together on various projects in and around our hometowns in Northwest Iowa for the past several years. We each bring a unique set of  skills, professional history & talent to our events, creating a one of a kind experience you won't find anywhere else.


Rural Kind Co's current focus is the She Is, Women's Conference Tour.  This conference is all about women inspiring each other, connecting, digging in deep to consider how we can overcome fear, redefine success, and make a positive impact within our families, workspaces and communities. 

The heart of RKCo is the women we meet along the way.  You have a unique story, personality & inspiring journey.  Now what do you want to do with it? 



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